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India As a Destination for Medical Tourism

“Over the last decade, India has grown to become a sought-after destination for medical tourism. Today, India is one of the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world. Modern healthcare facilities, skilled doctors and low cost of treatment have made India a popular hub of medical tourism attracting a large number of patients every year…. India however deserves a larger share of the medical value travel opportunity. For making India a destination of choice for medical tourism for countries beyond South Asia and the Middle East, medical value travel stakeholders in India need to consolidate their efforts and design strategy to leverage the available opportunity…. India also needs to be more ‘tourist-friendly’ for medical tourists coming to the country by way of ease of services at airports, faster immigration clearance for medical tourists, ambulance services at airports, proper transport infrastructure, affordable accommodation, food as per a patient’s requirement, hygiene and an environment of holistic care…. India today, is called ‘the pharmacy to the world’. In order to achieve the stated vision of being ‘the provider to the world’ by delivering quality care at affordable cost, integrated effort by all key stakeholders including the Government, Health & Tourism industry, Service providers, Facilitators and Regulators is the need of the hour.”

My opinion piece in the opinion column of February 2019 edition of Destination Reporter, an India Travel Magazine.

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