Vinod ZutshiConsultants & Advisors

8th India Heritage Tourism Conclave, organised by PHDCCI

India is one of the few countries that is gifted with history, cultural diversities, natural resources and variety of religions, an ideal mix of heritage tourism products. India has served as the cradle for many civilizations and has left an indispensable mark in the world history. The country’s inventory of diverse cultural heritage is immense with multiple ethnicities, customs, festivals, languages, clothing, folk lore, dances and culinary. India is also blessed with a variety of natural heritage in the form of Himalayas, Wildlife, Forests and Rivers and the country offers a mixed culture of all religions.

India’s history, its rich and diverse culture, the natural resources and its heritage of spiritualism and religions comprise the ecosystem of heritage tourism of the country. If India has to benefit from the virtues of heritage tourism for all times to come, an ecosystem has to be created by all stakeholders, which is sustainable and based on the principles of sustainability.

India’s rich heritage has to be preserved, conserved and sustained at any cost and the onus of bringing in a sustainable ecosystem of heritage tourism lies on each and every person of the country.

Participated and Chaired the panel discussion on the subject ‘Creating A Sustainable Ecosystem for Promotion of Heritage Tourism’ at 8th India Heritage Tourism Conclave, organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry at WelcomHotel The Savoy, Mussoorie.


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